what I do

Quite simple really.

I write copy. Copy with a call to action. 

That call to action might be: 

to download your brochure or white paper,

sign up for your webinar 

get access to your new video in exchange for your email address or 

        click on your affiliate link

It can be overt, as in a great big green Buy Now button or it can be covert like a cloaked affiliate link included in the last sentence of a paragraph. Or anywhere in between.

The conversation you’re having with your prospect or client right now will determine your call to action and blatant it is.  

Copy can be in print as the written word, but it’s also expressed in audio and of course, the spoken word in video too. 

Copy is persuasive, entertaining, emotional and engaging.

But ultimately, it is designed to make your prospective client take a specified action.

As the legendary David Ogilvy said, “the only purpose of advertising is to sell

As I said just now, your call to action can be subtle or writ large across the page, and you will have more than one CTA, in each piece of copy, for either prospect or client, and for each product or service that you sell, but they should all lead to the ultimate…

Generate a qualified lead or Get an Order

The response to your call to action – whatever it is – are what defines how successful your copy is.

I write direct response copy a.k.a. CTA (call to action) copy in various forms such as:

Emails (usually part of an auto-responder sequence)

Video sales letters

Google PPC ads

Salesletters (print and web)

Landing pages


If you want compelling copy, copy that your prospects or clients will actually read, engage with and respond to, get in touch and we’ll have a chat about how I can help…

I’ll write copy for your clients – existing or prospective – in language that they will understand, relate to and more importantly, respond to

It’s conversational copy. (Especially in emails, emails are the daddy of 1-1 relationship building, engaging copy and give the best chance of converting ideal prospects into qualified paying clients. (I love writing email copy) The tone is informal yet professional.

Here’s a quick story…

A very long time ago, a copywriter was hired to write an ad for, I think it was sewing machines. Anyway, they had direct salesmen going door to door at the time selling these things to housewives.

So the copywriter interviewed the top salesmen, asked them what they said, basically recorded their pitch. He also noted the usual objections like ‘send me more info’ or ‘I’ll have to speak to my husband and he isn’t here’ etc., etc..and the top salesmen’s replies. 

He then lashed the pitch, objections, answers to those objections and other important info like the price, testimonials from happy customers, the guarantee and how to order into a print ad.

And the ad did very well. It basically multiplied the salesmen’s efforts 1000 fold because the ad was published in the newspapers, so the firm were able to reach 1000’s of potential customers with just one ad.

Hence the phrase ‘ advertising is salesmanship multiplied in print’

Those days are long gone now because newspapers are no longer as powerful. They are no longer the sole medium of news, features and classified ads.  

We have the internet, the world wide web. Hurrah!

So that represents a huge opportunity for you. Marketing and advertising are now salesmanship multiplied in print, voice and video. 

Your reach is massive, depending on who and where your ideal clients are.

Anyway, I’m babbling on.

If you need more sales or more qualified leads from your ideal potential clients or maybe you want to wake up some of your existing clients,  get in touch, I’m sure I can help.

Speak soon,