about me

Hi, I’m Andrew Harkin – I’m a direct response copywriter. I’ll write anything for money, but usually words that make your prospects & clients do what you want – anything. They’ll be like putty in your hands

All you need are leads, leads that you can convert into sales which means cold hard cash.

There are a trillion & 1 ways to get leads. You can use lead generators like pdf reports, videos, webinars (excellent idea btw) or even a podcast.

But somehow you have to get your ideal potential client’s (prospect) attention and get them to read your report, watch your video, turn up to your webinar or listen to your podcast.

Probably not all at the same time.

So, how do I do this?

Ancient voodoo? magic mushrooms? the law of attraction?

Nah. Good ol’ fashioned emotion

I use one of the oldest tricks in the book. Except it isn’t a trick, it’s just raw human psychology.


In it



Like it or not, we all want to know ‘what’s in it for me’? don’t we?

(Selfish bastards that we are)

So I use words that evoke emotion. Because humans – and I’m assuming you’re putting yourself down as human? – humans – buy with emotion and justify with logic.

A typical ad would be structured like so..

Headlines and email subject headers arouse our attention and curiosity…

A good story(lead) with an irresistible hook draws us in, getting us interested and involved…

Testimonials/reviews, case studies and iron clad guarantees make us feel a lot safer about buying…and also provide the logical ballast.

But emotion sells, every time.

Now, this is the ‘about me’ page isn’t it? Here’s the shortest bio you’ll ever read….

I spent years perfecting the art of being unemployable

I was damn good at it! But in hindsight I probably definitely should have concentrated on my career instead of partying like a drug baron…

But then I cottoned on…

I’m actually bloody good at writing words that get people to do something

So I decided to hang out my shingle as a copywriter for businesses who need more leads and/or more sales.

See? mercifully short.

You don’t need my life story. You need me to help you sell more of whatever it is you sell.

Whether you sell services or products or a combination of both, you need to move your ideal potential clients aka prospects to being actual clients, actual clients who are loyal repeat buyers.

Your website and email copy should include a compelling call to action so you can measure exactly how effective that copy is. Copy characterised by a CTA are usually defined as direct response copy

You (directly) ask your prospect or client to do something and they respond.

Your CTA should be simple and clear and give a SINGLE method of response i.e call or click.

So you can easily and accurately count how many calls or clicks that copy generated.

Again, that’s why its called direct response copy. And it isn’t new.

Direct response copy has been used to sell virtually anything and everything under the sun – Joe Sugarman – one of the most successful direct response copywriters ever – once sold a plane using a direct response ad!

So that’s what I do. I’m a direct response copywriter, I write words that make your prospect or client answer your specific call to action

Before you rush off to check out what I do, make sure you get Marketing Advice – my newsletter full of no-nonsense fluff free marketing advice – straight to your inbox every working day…

Finally, you can call/whatsapp me on 07497 002 698 or email andrew@andrewharkin.net