Je ne regrette rien

‘Tis true. Like Edith Piaf I don’t regret a damn thing.  What am I yabbering on about?  My decision to concentrate on writing to my email subscribers and foregoing my LinkedIn content strategy, that’s what.   So gather round my eager friends and open those ears… I’ve spoken to a number of people and heard … Read more


…I wrote a fairly lengthy post titled ‘Why Do Businesses Fail?’  Well I thought it was half decent. One of my clients thought so too.   “But you give so much away Andrew, you should charge for this. Just because you know these things don’t assume others do, stop selling yourself short”  There have been … Read more

Why Do Businesses Fail?

Some fail through no fault of their own. Some are just wrecked by lack of attention/insight, wrong people, wrong product (or service) or wrong/lack of process.  So let’s talk about the 3 elements you can do right.  Product People   Process  Already there’s a conflict. Because I – and possibly my sister who is arguably the … Read more

7 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is More Effective Than Social Media

Morning, before I begin, this isn’t a hatchet piece about social media, it has a role to play, your marketing strategy should include any of the following depending on who your ideal client is and where they are. Email marketing, direct mail, flyers/leaflets, display advertising, PPC,PPL (pay per lead) social media, blogging/SEO, guest blogging etc … Read more

Operation Moneysuck*

First off, that asterisk up there? The ‘get me out of the shit disclaimer’ asterisk? That is there because that title/phrase is not mine. Unlike virtually 99.99% of my posts which I write every morning, the content of which comes directly from a lifetime of experience in the old School of Life. And I share some … Read more

How Patch Adams Could Help You Sell

Saturday evening Chez Harkin. Dinner, wine and both of us quietly chilled… We actually found a movie my wife hadn’t seen (rare) and one that she wanted to watch (rarer still)  Patch Adams Seen it? It’s based on the real life story of Hunter Doherty ‘Patch’ Adams, an American physician, clown, author and social activist … Read more

Oh the OTHER Fiat Panda?

A long long time ago, when few people had mobile phones let alone smart phones and the internet was unheard of but God had probably just about started wearing trousers instead of shorts… I worked as a car salesman for a short while, we’re talking 6 months, maybe even just 5, like I said, a … Read more