7 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is WAY More Effective Than Social Media

1- Email marketing delivers £35.41 for every £1 invested – DMA

2 – You own your website and your email list of prospects and clients – and therefore the ability to communicate with them as often as you wish.

3 – You don’t own the social media channels, their business models can & do change, you have no ‘insurable interest’ as it were. 

4 – You can include text, images, video & sound in an email. Actually, links to video & sound, but you use email to drive your prospect or client to that content) 

5 – Email is 1-1. It’s just you having a chat with your ideal potential client or existing client. Whereas anyone can read your blog post or social media post and it won’t be relevant to them. (This can cause ambiguity and a lack of clarity in their minds) 

6 – Email marketing is proven to increase engagement with your prospect or client because of that 1-1 relationship with them

7 – You can make your emails even more specific and relevant to your prospect or client by using segmentation. You can’t segment a tweet or a Facebook post 

(8 – One more, you can go one further with email by using subject lines that exclude certain groups so you make your message SUPER relevant)

Is it any wonder I’m so enthusiastic about the power of email when it can achieve all this and a lot more? 

It is THE most effective marketing method you can use for your business, in my humble opinion that is…

When you combine it with my email copywriting, BOOM!

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