Oh the OTHER Fiat Panda?

A long long time ago, when few people had mobile phones let alone smart phones and the internet was unheard of but God had probably just about started wearing trousers instead of shorts…

I worked as a car salesman for a short while, we’re talking 6 months, maybe even just 5, like I said, a long time ago. This was a main dealer, now no longer trading but through no fault of mine I might add. 

Anyway, one morning my boss threw a set of keys at me and told me – no I’m sure he asked me most politely – to go fetch a white Fiat Panda from the compound and bring it round to the front. 

Off I trot, keys in hand, and spot the white Panda – G reg – get in & turn the key, 

hmm…not terribly keen on starting eh? C’mon…try again…

3 attempts later I notice smoke wafting up through the footwell, then flames start lickingup from the wheel arch accompanied by a LOT of smoke

SHIT! ….time to bail, much to the amusement of the mechanics who had gathered to watch

Somehow they had forgotten to tell me there were TWO white G reg Fiat Pandas in the compound, this one had a starter motor fault which meant that you SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT TO START THE ENGINE

In my defence, no note in car to warn anyone trying to start it.

Anyway, the engine and electrics were fried, luckily some liberal & enthusiastic use of fire extinguishers saved the rest of the car. 

Meanwhile the Fiat Panda I should have retrieved was sitting round the corner, out of sight. Again, in my defence there was no reg number on the keys Gary had thrown at me

And what were the odds of 2 G reg white Fiat Pandas in nearly identical condition (before the fire) sitting in our compound? 

I’ll sum this sorry saga up now. 

The customer whose car I had torched albeit by accident, DEMANDED that we rebuild her car despite the fact it was old and must have been beyond economical repair. We offered her a newer, replacement car as recompense, no, repair my car! 

Bonkers. I lost my lovely demonstrator car thanks to that ‘incident’ I still sold 5 cars the next day, a Sunday, whilst on my own. 

The moral of this tale is this: 

The customer isn’t always right – you know they’re wrong, possibly insane, but you gotta do the right thing.

This invariably occurs with clients who spend small in relation to your other clients.

Encourage them to spend more and if they don’t/won’t?

Get some clients who DO recognise and appreciate what you do for them.

I show you how to do this and more in my new book coming soon. For updates, get Marketing Advice, link is in comments below