Oh the OTHER Fiat Panda?

A long long time ago, when few people had mobile phones let alone smart phones and the internet was unheard of but God had probably just about started wearing trousers instead of shorts… I worked as a car salesman for a short while, we’re talking 6 months, maybe even just 5, like I said, a … Read more

Less Is MORE Amigo

“The fewer the words, the better the prayer” – Martin Luther King.  Amen.  Are you guilty of rambling on when you write something? An email, web page copy? Your resignation letter? even a ‘Dear John’ note? (I am too. I know! You’d think I’d have had it beaten out of me by now wouldn’t you? … Read more

Meet Jess…

You might remember I mentioned her yesterday aka Cantankerous Cat? She’s 14. To be fair, the definition of cantankerous is “bad tempered, argumentative & un-co-operative so maybe I was a bit harsh. She’s certainly bloody infuriating, but as Meatloaf once declared, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.  She definitely doesn’t like being picked up (I … Read more

Close but no cigar…

Damn that hurts, the search for the Holy Grail goes on… Earlier this morning, after letting our cantankerous old cat out and in between making my wife’s coffee, then her lunch (for later) and defrosting her car (in April?) I was hurriedly checking my emails as per. Anyway, one of my mentors introduced me to … Read more

Why Should Anyone Want Regular Emails From You?

 (By ‘anyone’ I mean your prospects & clients)  Why though? Because you’re ‘good people’? You have a nice smile?  Or is it because you’re really funny? It could be all those things, I’m sure it is. But… Unlikely if we’re honest (sorry) – truth is they already get enough stuff in their email without you … Read more

How to start email marketing from scratch…

You know how I’m always imploring you to send regular & consistent emails to your prospects and clients?  But what if you have nothing set up right now, zilch.  There are 2 scenarios:  You have email addresses for prospects but have never done anything with them, marketing wise. Well, maybe or two sporadic emails but … Read more

Are you the Billy Graham of YOUR world?

Go on, who the hell is Billy Graham? OK fair enough.  He was arguably the most famous pastor and Christian evangelist in America and the rest of the world for over 60 years before he died in 2018 at the grand old age of 99.  His audience was huge, regularly selling out massive stadiums wherever … Read more

Why I Do What I Do

I was thinking about this the other day whilst waiting for my wife to emerge from Marks & Spencer (so I had a while…) And then I was reminded to add a portfolio to my website to show interested peeps examples of my extensive back catalogue… Whilst I was compiling that portfolio, trawling through my hard drive and Google … Read more

How To Make As Much Money As Possible From Your Existing Clients

Another crude headline, what is it with me lately? Andrew HarkinSep 18, 2020 I could have written – How To Look After Your Ideal Clients or  How To Maximise Your Income But would you have clicked on the link?  As crude as the top headline is, it works. Why? Because it appeals to one of … Read more