Remember what I said a while back?

I wrote a post ‘can you sell services by email?’ – the answer was yes, (of course)  (I’ll post a link to that article in the comments) Essentially, your objective with that email or series of emails, is to generate the lead. You might also qualify the lead in those emails or you may leave … Read more

The Numpty’s Guide To Writing Copy

Copywriting isn’t easy, but it is simple.  Lemme explain. There are 100’s of peeps online selling copywriting courses from free to freaking ridiculously expensive.  It’s easy to be taken in by them, they make it sound like you can open a laptop & start making $$$ tomorrow, just like that.  And of course, they’re copywriters … Read more

7 Proven Ideas For Email Content

Don’t know what to write in all those emails? You know you should be writing to your prospects & clients on a regular basis.  Even if you had the time…what the hell do you put in those emails?  Where do you find enough content to keep ‘feeding’ them?  Well, here are 7 ideas which should … Read more

How To Sweat Your Assets – Part One

Morning, for our little chat today I want to concentrate on your #1 asset – your client list.  These are the clients you’ve invested valuable time & a significant chunk of money to attract and convert into loyal paying clients.  I assume you know the LCV – lifetime customer value – per client?  The most … Read more

27 minute business lesson…

Well, that turned out to be a long weekend… As you know I took Friday off, disentangled myself from the laptop (& the phone) Yesterday should have been back to work but I ended up waiting a long time to get my car fixed and paying £160 for the privilege.  By then the sun was … Read more

Keep It Simple Stupid

Ever wondered where that phrase came from? I’ve heard and read many different versions over the years but I’m going with this one. A guy called Kelly Johnson – lead engineer at Lockheed, the aircraft engineering outfit –   Anyway, he instructed his team that whatever aircraft they made had to be something that could … Read more