How Patch Adams Could Help You Sell

Saturday evening Chez Harkin. Dinner, wine and both of us quietly chilled…

We actually found a movie my wife hadn’t seen (rare) and one that she wanted to watch (rarer still) 

Patch Adams

Seen it?

It’s based on the real life story of Hunter Doherty ‘Patch’ Adams, an American physician, clown, author and social activist who founded the Gesenheit Institute in 1971. 

In the film, he’s played by Robin Williams – one of my all time favourite actors. Patch Adams is a mature medical student – on a quest to help people after his own experience in a mental institution where he helped his fellow patients…

How did he help them? 

Showing three key traits – Empathy, Emotion and  Communication

And brilliant wit of course. Point is, he actually LISTENED to them. The hospital and authorities didn’t. Could. Not. Care. Less.

You know the key non-verbal skill of a salesman, sorry person? 


How can you know what your customer wants if:

a) you don’t ask them and crucially 

b) you don’t listen to what they say? 

Patch Adams talked to his patients, he used their names, actually gave a shit about them, asked them questions, befriended them and made them feel a lot better. 

He LISTENED to them. He understood them. He built and developed a relationship with them by showing empathy & emotion. 

So to you and your clients and prospects. 

You need to do the same. But you can’t do that until/unless you communicate with them, regularly. 

Daily, weekly, fortnightly or at a minimum, monthly. 


You need to ask by now? Email of course! 

Write like you talk, remember it’s 1-1 with your ideal client. You wouldn’t just talk to them non-stop without waiting for an answer would you? 

You’d ask questions and listen to their answers and replies. Show empathy, find out where they are, what their issues are right now and think about how you might help.

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