How To Productise/Package Your Services

OK I suppose the first question is: why would I want to?

Because when you package your services you create products

You can sell those products as units, often for more money than the underlying service if you create value by including cheatsheets, user guides, case studies etc..

If you’re selling a service you’re selling your time aswell as your experience and expertise in whatever you do.

Time as you know is an extremely valuable commodity.

So invest time into creating as much content as you can in the shape of videos, audio and digital products that can do most if not all of the ‘heavy lifting’ and substitute your actual time.

This content is passive – meaning once you’ve created it – you can sell it many times over, one sale/order should cover your contribution to overhead, maybe two at the most, the rest is profit.

The distribution costs are minimal, the lead time from order to delivery is seconds…

I’m sure with some creative imagination you could find ways to package your service(s) and create passive products that will add £££’s straight to your bottom line.

Then what? Well you send an email to your clients and prospects of course!


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