Je ne regrette rien

‘Tis true. Like Edith Piaf I don’t regret a damn thing. 

What am I yabbering on about? 

My decision to concentrate on writing to my email subscribers and foregoing my LinkedIn content strategy, that’s what.  

So gather round my eager friends and open those ears…

I’ve spoken to a number of people and heard a LOT of anecdotal evidence recently about their brushes with social media platforms. 

When I say ‘brushes’ I mean suspensions & even bans in some cases, although they’re usually termed ‘indefinite suspensions’ – most of the time they have no idea what the crime was and remain in the dark because the powers that be refuse to tell them. 

Even I was kicked off another platform a few months ago – I know, me! – I thought it was a temporary thing, a slap on the wrist but no, got an email last week saying it was for keeps.

Apparently I’d been a very naughty boy (not the Messiah!) 

So what’s my point? 

Control. That’s it in a nutshell. If you try and build your business on someone else’s land, you have no control. They can wake up one morning in a foul mood not even Mr Grumpy would recognise and decide they don’t like you any more, or they don’t like your tone of voice or some other inexplicable reason even they don’t entirely understand. 

Fact is you’re out on your ear. 

And your audience that you spent so long cultivating, is either left wondering what the hell happened to you or hasn’t even noticed you’re not there anymore. 

No control you see, and that’s a bad thing. 

Personally I hate other people being in control of my fate, what time I start & finish work, how much time I have for lunch, whether I even come back from lunch (the good old days) and when I can take annual leave. 

Pisses me off no end. Probably why I’m self employed. 

As for someone else controlling my business and therefore, how much I earn, that’s definitely not going to happen. Well not anymore anyway. 


Because I control my list of prospects and clients. I nurture them and help those lucky people, I write to them every weekday, I educate them, entertain them and yes, sell to them

And I control what I say to them and how often. 

No ‘woke’ numpty is going to decree that I shouldn’t say this or that. 

My email list is a veritable gold mine. They say you get £38 for every £1 invested. That’s a DMA stat not mine. And stats are average figures as you know. 

But let’s say you got £25 for every £1 invested, or even £10 for every £1? 

When was the last time you got a return like that from anywhere? Property? Your ETF? Stocks & Shares ISA? Facebook or Google PPC ads? 

Not a chance in hell. 

So why not invest in email marketing? Invest in an income generating asset that will pay you dividends now and when you come to sell your business…

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