One Is Enough

Morning peeps, how are you this morning?

You might have noticed I skipped yesterday, sometimes I just can’t find anything in that brain of mine to write about

And I’d rather write nothing than write gibberish…

So today I remembered one key lesson I learnt from studying this thing called copywriting and that is:

Whatever sales letter, ppc ad, email, website page you’re writing – always stick to

One topic

Don’t talk about lots of products or services – stick to one.

Don’t jabber on about 2 or 3 issues your prospect or client may be facing – stick to one

And if it is sales copy or it has a call to action – use just ONE method of response.



Complete (form/survey etc)

Just one.

Do not confuse your prospect or client.

Make it super easy for them to read, understand & respond.

That’s it from me today, more genius tomorrow, possibly