Time To Wake Up And Make It Happen…

What is YOUR dream?

If you’re a smart cookie, and I know you are – then you’ll want to automate your business as much as possible and take steps to ensure the show can go on without you being there all the time.

We’re not talking the odd Friday off, you should be able to go travelling for 3 months or restore that old Triumph Bonneville lurking in your garage, waiting for you to take her out for a ride across the Scottish Highlands…

Stop laughing. Whatever your dream, don’t wait for retirement to make it happen.

If you haven’t already, find a good financial planner, know what your number is and then organise your business so it doesn’t depend on you.


Maybe your first step would be to set up an email marketing system for your business.

Your email newsletter should be your passive silent sales machine.

I don’t care if you sell a service(s) or a product(s) – email sells.

If you sell a service – you need qualified leads you can convert into loyal repeat client

If you sell a product – you need more orders/sales

A daily, weekly or monthly email newsletter can do that very effectively. If you know your ideal client you’ll know how often you email them BUT…

Experiment – increase monthly to weekly, weekly to 3 days/week or even daily.

Give them more opportunity to buy from you. (I explore this in more detail in my forthcoming book, updates on that score in Marketing Advice)

You’d be surprised how often you can email them – as long as your emails are relevant and provide lots of value.

As I say, the key is regular frequent communication. You need to be giving them something every day or week for example a blog post, case study, webinar or a video testimonials of the product they’re interested in (to your prospects)

You may have heard of this phrase?

Advertising is salesmanship (multiplied) in print

That’s exactly what your emails are.

You have a great opportunity in these straitened times we’re all in, to have a passive silent sales machine generating leads or more orders/sales for you 24/7 while you go and do whatever takes your fancy

I’ll write the copy, your system sends them out and you count the money (from your garage or wherever you are in the world)

What’s YOUR dream?

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