…I wrote a fairly lengthy post titled ‘Why Do Businesses Fail?’ 

Well I thought it was half decent. One of my clients thought so too.  

“But you give so much away Andrew, you should charge for this. Just because you know these things don’t assume others do, stop selling yourself short” 

There have been a few other incidents lately that have got me thinking, feeling a bit suspicious & frankly, have pissed me off. 

My client is right. And she isn’t the only one who has made comments like that before. 

I’m in the middle of writing one book – God knows I should have published by now – and I have an outline for another. Now I’m thinking, do I save my ideas and thoughts for my books, where I can at least get paid for them 

Instead of sharing them on social media and seeing the same ideas, ‘adopted’ by someone else, pop up a few days later, sometimes on the same bloody platform! 

Or do I start charging for Marketing Advice? My insanely valuable – and currently – free newsletter published every weekday

At least my subscribers will get the benefit and no-one else. 

One more thing, I’m fed up with doing battle with the LinkedIn algorithms on a daily basis too.  

Any thoughts? 

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