27 minute business lesson…

A big mac, as if you didn’t know

Well, that turned out to be a long weekend…

As you know I took Friday off, disentangled myself from the laptop (& the phone)

Yesterday should have been back to work but I ended up waiting a long time to get my car fixed and paying £160 for the privilege. 

By then the sun was out, so we eloped down to Hythe for the afternoon. Sat on the wall in the sunshine eating fish & chips looking out over the sea with my wife – perfectly chilled – literally in one sense ‘cause it was a bit ‘fresh’ 

After a hot chocolate (for her) and a pint (my first draught beer since lockdown) by the sea we wended our way home. 

(the bit where he finally gets to the point…)

Later I started flicking through Amazon Prime, something to watch. I found The Founder, the biopic about Ray Kroc? the guy who developed McDonalds into a global property business. 

(it’s how they make their money after all. They teach their tenants/franchisors a proven system to sell burgers so they make enough money to pay the rent, and then some)  

I was interested because I read the book ‘Grinding It Out’ back in 2016 I think. Anyway, Michael Keaton is the main man. 

I won’t spoil it because you might want to watch it but…

There are several key lessons in this story: 

Keep It Simple Stupid – in the first 20 minutes the McDonald brothers recount over dinner with Kroc that they realised they made 87% of their revenue by burgers, fries and soft drinks. So they stopped selling any other food from that point on. 

Systemise it – Build bomb proof, virtually automated systems to deliver your product or service to your clients. This includes back office too. If you can’t literally automate it because you need human intervention, make the process second nature so they could almost do it in their sleep

Never give up – before he got involved with the McDonald brothers, Ray Kroc was a travelling salesman, sometimes not getting the results he wanted. But he didn’t throw in the towel, he kept on believing. Later he refined the processes and systems at McDonalds whilst keeping to the original tenet. 

Anyway, it’s a enjoyable way to spend a shade under a couple of hours. Even Mrs H enjoyed it. In fact, she came down, asked me something (I dunno) then asked what I was watching…

I must have oversold it because then she said she’d like to watch it and would I wait? 

Eye roll…

half an hour later she returns, so we start from the beginning. But the fact is, those 3 lessons? delivered in the first 27 minutes

“You’re not even watching this now are you? we might aswell go to bed”

Love her…

See you tomorrow

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