7 Proven Ideas For Email Content

Don’t know what to write in all those emails?

You know you should be writing to your prospects & clients on a regular basis. 

Even if you had the time…what the hell do you put in those emails? 

Where do you find enough content to keep ‘feeding’ them? 

Well, here are 7 ideas which should help: 

1) What’s your story? – tell them in an email

2) Tell another story – this time about your product(s) or service(s)

Remember my post last week about the living label app? Stories sell…

3) How do you give your clients what they want? By asking them what they want! Emails are ideal for sending surveys

4) No one eats in an empty restaurant…social proof works. Use testimonials/reviews

5) Case studies are even better. They’re like testimonials on steroids.

6) Host a webinar or series of webinars. Invite your prospects via email. Host it live so you can do live Q&A with your attendees but make sure you record it! 

7) Talk about your podcast – links to episodes & special guests

I know this post is concise. But hopefully it’s given you a few ideas to get you started. There are ideas everywhere…

If you’re still stuck or you really haven’t got the time, ask me to write them for you

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