“Come for dinner Saturday night with Snoop Dogg…”

How could I resist? 

See our friends, great food, great wine and of course our special guest. 

Mr Dogg was a treat, he really ‘came alive’ – it might have been the wine talking I don’t know, but it was a treat.

There were other people there too, slaves, fugitives, vagabonds…

All regaling us with fascinating stories from their past. 

I have to say, one of the best nights we’ve had in ages, the wine was definitely flowing…

Excellent red wine called #19crimes

And they have a brilliant app called living wine labels. They use a clever bit of kit called augmented reality to make characters ‘come alive’ – download the app, point your phone at your bottle of choice and the character starts talking, sharing their story! 

It’s a brilliant bit of marketing, and a smooth drop of red too. 

In case you’re wondering how we got to share our Saturday night with Mr Dogg & some fascinating peeps from way back…

The living wine label app uses augmented reality which is essentially an interaction – in the case of #19crimes and other brands, a short video – by using facial recognition on your smart phone. 

If nothing else it’s novel. 

But it underlines the power of storytelling. We all love a story. 

A book, a play on the radio or on stage, a film, a musical…

Jack Daniels created some great advertising by telling stories about the  early days. 

If you hear an author being interviewed on the radio, telling their story, aren’t you inclined to check out their book(s)? 

Or an actor or film producer on a chat show discussing their latest film? 

All stories, some engage you, others don’t. 

My point is – you knew I’d get here eventually – stories sell. 

Why not build a story around your brand? Or use your products and services as characters? 

Churchill Insurance and their infamous nodding dog, anyone?

You can use text, audio (podcast maybe) still images or of course video 

But how do you make sure your prospects and clients will read, listen to or watch your stories? 

Via your trusted and effective 1-1 communication channel – email of course. 

Create narratives, build stories, be interesting…

Til tomorrow…

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