Do you know these 3 Simple Steps for writing any marketing offer?

Morning, here’s another gem from the archives of my mind. 

I’m sharing this with you because a) I think you’re great and b) I was on a certain FB group page yesterday -a copywriting one – which I’ve subsequently quit but anyway…

Someone, a copywriter who has been around a while, was offering some templates – FOC. A good deal for those who need it 

But the comments afterwards? 

“Jesus Mary & Joseph and the wee donkey” as our old mucker Ted Hastings spat recently…

Why do people complicate marketing so much? 

It really isn’t. I’d estimate 90% of the so-called ‘content’ around marketing is bullshit. 

Ignore it

Marketing is simply the art of getting the message to your ideal potential client that you have something that will help them in some way. 

I could write or pontificate for hours about this BUT, I have better things to do and so do you. So, where were we? 

Oh yeah, 3 simple steps to write any marketing offer. 

1) Here’s what I’ve got 
2) Here’s what it will do for you and 
3) Here’s how to get it. 

Yup, really that simple. 

They are the bare bones I grant you, but you get the gist. 

Keep It Simple, Stupid

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