If you sell services then you should read this…


Are you burning cash on vague PPC ads?

Because I’m about to save you money – or at least stop wasting it 

Last month I wrote a post called “Can You Sell Services by Email?” –    you may even have read it (thank you) 

Anyway, I said that you have 3 key ways to get leads and one of them was pay per click ads, either Google or Facebook. 

I said – rightly – that ppc ads are getting expensive, relative to what they were. Which is fine IF you’re getting serious ROI in terms of qualified leads. 

Real time, measured return on investment directly attributable to your PPC ad. 

Qualified leads that you can successfully convert into paying clients. 

If you can’t, they’re just an expensive vanity project. You should cancel them immediately and stop wasting any more cash

What you should do – in very simple terms because I can’t cover the nitty gritty in this post – is this: 

1 – Create value packed lead generation content, this can be info/resources or a survey (which pre-qualifies the lead). This should relate to a specific service you offer and can be in text, audio or video format or a combination of those. 

2– Set up a landing page – written by me – tied to your email service provider which will capture your ideal potential clients’ name and email address and send them – automatically – your Welcome email sequence

3 – Write your ppc ad copy relating to your specific service, telling them WIFM? i.e your lead generation content and telling them what to do next eg click your ad! 

This is in extremely broad & simple terms, I appreciate that. As I said yesterday, Keep It Simple. 

But if you follow this advice you will at least get measured, directly accountable & specific ROI relating to your ad. 

Please don’t waste your money on vague ppc ads that just go to your homepage because you may as well set fire to the cash…

When you’re ready book a call with me by clicking on this link 


I’ll write the copy for the product descriptions, landing page, ppc ad & of course, the email sequence for you. All you have to do is ask…

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