Keep It Simple Stupid

Keep It Simple Stupid

Ever wondered where that phrase came from? I’ve heard and read many different versions over the years but I’m going with this one.

A guy called Kelly Johnson – lead engineer at Lockheed, the aircraft engineering outfit –   Anyway, he instructed his team that whatever aircraft they made had to be something that could be repaired by a man with some basic mechanical knowledge and simple tools. 

I use Keep It Simple & Straightforward. Which is how I roll.

Now, onward,

There are just 3 ways to grow your business: 

1 – Get your clients to spend more each time they order

2 – Get your clients to order more often, and 

3 – Get more clients

That’s about as simple as it gets isn’t it? 

But it ain’t easy. If it was we’d all be millionaires

Having said that, you can make it as easy as possible.


Well #1 & #2 can be achieved with warm emails. 

Now for #3 – getting more clients. 

This means cold emails. Stop wincing

Cold emails can, and are used successfully to start The Conversation

You begin a ‘getting to know you’ phase – this works both ways – where you begin the whole KNOW LIKE TRUST process. 

I’m simplifying this for 3 reasons. 

1 – I don’t know you or your business yet. 

2 – I don’t have the space here, and the LinkedIn algorithms will have a hissy fit if I don’t wrap this up pronto. 

3 – Haven’t I told you that I like to Keep it Simple?

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If you need help with cold emails – schedule a call with me here


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