Remember what I said a while back?

I wrote a post ‘can you sell services by email?’ – the answer was yes, (of course) 

(I’ll post a link to that article in the comments)

Essentially, your objective with that email or series of emails, is to generate the lead. You might also qualify the lead in those emails or you may leave it to your sales team to handle that on the phone call that you generate…

However, there IS another way to sell services. 

And that is to productise them. 

Package them, adding telephone and/or email support plus other resources like pdf tip sheets, a video maybe. 

You can offer them in different price tiers for example, depending on how much resource you include. You will also save you time answering ‘frequently asked questions’ about this particular service because you include the answers in digital format within the package. 

You might also decide to sell these packages as a membership plan, pack in as much value as possible, help your client and you are more likely to retain them for longer

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Have a great weekend…