The Numpty’s Guide To Writing Copy

Copywriting isn’t easy, but it is simple. 

Lemme explain. There are 100’s of peeps online selling copywriting courses from free to freaking ridiculously expensive. 

It’s easy to be taken in by them, they make it sound like you can open a laptop & start making $$$ tomorrow, just like that. 

And of course, they’re copywriters (some of them) so the copy IS enticing. 

But like I said, writing copy might be simple but it isn’t easy. 

If it was we’d all be billionaires right? 

You need to write copy that tugs at your prospects’ heart & soul. 

Copy that solves a problem or makes their life better by using your product or service.

So here is a simple short guide to writing copy that sells – oh and it’s free. 


Use the AIDA formula – Attention Interest Desire Action. It may be old but it WORKS. 

Use WIFM – What’s In it for Me? – remember, tug those heartstrings, we buy with emotion & justify with logic. 

Use plain, short words. Don’t make your reader think or you lose them, probably for good. Sprinkle ‘you’ & ‘yours’ and use their name if you know it. 

Include testimonials/reviews/case studies – social proof will do half the job for you

Remove if not all then most of the risk with a strong guarantee. Extend the guarantee period for another 90 days, 6 months whatever. Your product does what it says on the tin doesn’t it? What are you worried about? 

Remember that humans – that’s me and I presume you’re putting yourself down as human? – buy with emotion and justify with logic. Yes I know I’ve said that before but it bears repeating.

In terms of writing copy – emotion and logic are used together so the structure usually goes

Headline(subject header if email) – emotion

lead – emotion

body – emotion leading into logic

testimonials/reviews – logic

guarantee – logic

call to action – emotion

P.S (usually repeats the guarantee) – logic

Finally, remember the simple 123 structure I showed you the other day for writing copy (add some meat to the bones but you get the gist) 

Tell ‘em what you got 

Tell ‘em what it will do for them 

Tell ‘em how to get it

Email copy is a little different, best thing to do is ask me to write it for you, wink wink…

That’s it. You’re welcome.

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