what I do

I’m a direct response copywriter. Which means I write words that make your prospect or client directly respond to your call to action. Specific action you want them to take:

download your ebook,

sign up for your webinar

watch your video

click on your ‘buy it now’ button or link. 

As I said in my ‘about me‘ bit, I use words loaded with emotion your prospects and clients will not be able to resist. And as for your CTA, make sure you use just ONE.

Don’t confuse your prospect or client. Just give them one option.

That way it’ll be much easier to measure the calls or clicks you get as a direct result of that copy and you’ll know almost immediately how effective it is. 

What I do can be broken down into 3 bits, really


Website copywriting 

Your website isn’t there to look pretty and give your website designed free publicity. It’s there to get you leads. Simple. 

So cut the crap, ask me to write or create a lead generating pdf report perhaps, or a short intro to your podcast episode where you talk about the exact product or service your clients are after…

Then set up a landing page. 

Then give away this report in return for your ideal clients’ name and email address. Which brings me neatly onto…

Email copywriting 

As soon as your ideal client signs up, you send them a Welcome email with a link to download their new pdf report. You then follow this up with a sequence of email emails designed to get to know your ideal client and for them to get to know you. 

Email marketing is extremely effective. Where else would you get an ROI of £38 for every £1 invested? 

And here’s the really good bit…you own and control your list, ALL your ideal clients see your emails, they’re not filtered out by some algorithm on a social media platform. 

From then on, you can send them emails 3 times a week, just make sure they’re interesting. Ask me to write them for you…

And finally, if you have an e-commerce/shopping cart facility on your website, set up a cart abandonment sequence of emails. 

People get distracted all the time. Why not send them a polite reminder so they can pick up where they left off? How much money would you recover if you started doing this today? 

Direct mail  

Last but by no means least! Yes direct mail still works. Sometimes when everyone zigs, you need to zag…

You want your ideal client’s attention don’t you? 

Of course you do. So send them a letter, in a handwritten envelope. 

Ask me to write it for you, all you have to do is print and post! 

When was the last time you received a letter in a handwritten envelope? Think of the 


And don’t forget leaflets. I’m serious. Especially if you sell direct to the consumer (B2C) 

Years ago, I owned a very successful leaflet distribution business and my clients used to ask me to write their leaflet copy. Words that get people to take ACTION eg call them to book their service or whatever they were selling…

Depends what you’re selling and to whom. But don’t dismiss it. 

Like I said, zag when everyone zigs, or zig when they’re all zagging, you get my drift…

If you need help with any direct marketing project, call me on 07497 002 698 or drop me a line via email to andrew@andrewharkin.net