what I do

I’m a direct response copywriter. Which means I write words that make your prospect or client directly respond to your call to action. Specific action you want them to take:

download your ebook,

sign up for your webinar

watch your video

click on your ‘buy it now’ button or link. 

As I said in my ‘about me‘ bit, I use words loaded with emotion your prospects and clients will not be able to resist. And as for your CTA, make sure you use just ONE.

Don’t confuse your prospect or client. Just give them one option.

That way it’ll be much easier to measure the calls or clicks you get as a direct result of that copy and you’ll know almost immediately how effective it is. 

What sort of material do I write? here are a few ‘typical’ projects but if you have anything specific in mind just ask:


Landing pages 


Product descriptions

Lead generation PDFs 


Good old fashioned printed sales letters 

Check out a few examples of my work in my portfolio, read a few of my blog posts on my website…

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Anything else you need to know – call/whatsapp 07497 002698 or email andrew@andrewharkin.net