Website copy

Your #1 task is to decide what you want your website to do. To be blunt do you want to generate: 

Leads or Sales? 

If you’re selling services then probably leads. That means content – words, audio or video or all 3 – which helps your prospect to know like and trust you. All delivered by email marketing. 

If you’re selling products then probably sales. Depending on the product, you might be able to do this off the page using an ecommerce/shopping basket. 

If it’s a big ticket item then you might adapt model #1 ie content. 

So you need to decide. Your copy will then lead your prospect to your preferred outcome i.e a consultation call or a product demonstration. 

If this seems simplistic thats because it is. 

Decide what outcome you want then ask me to write the copy to make sure your prospect answers your call to action. 

If you need a hand with your current website copy, drop me a line via email to or whatsapp me on 07497 002 698 

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